Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Texture Robot - Version 1.2.0

TR - 1200

I wanted to get a new version of TR out before going overseas, so here it is. The main new feature is a store current config button (top left), which will save you from having to re set things up the way you like them everytime the script is run. The configuration file stores all the suffixes, file extensions, checkbox options and currently selected shader type.

Another new addition is Ptex support (currently only available with mia_mat and Blinn in TR as I ran out of time for Vray. Arnold doesn't support Ptex in Maya yet). Ptex is not a file format I'm very familiar with, but I thought I should address it as you can't load in ptextures with normal file nodes while using MR or Vray, you need to use special nodes specific to each renderer. Ptex does work with normal file nodes in Viewport 2.0 however, so the Blinn shader option in TR goes that route.

The icing on the cake is a somewhat nice-a-fied UI, with a new info bar at the top of the window for displaying messages.

Oh, and emissive textures now actually go where they're supposed to.  (golf clap...)

Creative Crash has it.

update: version 1.3 available. Fixes bugs, adds stuff

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